Children’s groups

TPBC Kids Church

We are passionate about kids and seeing them connect with God and each other!

We have a fabulous team who love kids and make sure they all have fun and feel welcome in our kids programmes!


TPBC Kids Church for ages 5 to 11

We have a fabulous team of people running Tractions Kids. They meet in the “blue room” upstairs past the main office. During the Sunday programme we include celebrations, an opportunity to grow in their own faith and serve others. We have a lot of fun with games and activities to back up our learning.


TPBC Kids Church Jr for ages 1-5

Our younger kids are well-looked after during the service with our team in the church flat just over the driveway from the main entrance. There are lots of fun toys and activities to engage the kids. On Sundays their programme starts with free-play then during morning tea a Bible story is shared and is followed by hands-on activities to support the learning. 

1 Mums and Bubs room 1

Mums and Bubs room for infants

We have a lovely welcoming ‘Mums and Bubs’ room at the back of the main auditorium for caregivers to use with infants if they need during the service. There is a window through to the auditorium.

More activities for children

Other events for children and families held through the year

Family Lake Day – Term 1

Family Picnics

Holiday Programmes

Mainly Music - Every Tuesday 10am, Register for 2023 here

Light Party - 31st October

Special Christmas Events


Holiday Programme

Our holiday programmes are run daily 9am-3pm during one week of the school holidays by a great team of volunteers. These are action packed weeks including Bible stories, arts & crafts, games and team activities.

See our church Facebook page for details and to register. Or email

2022 Holiday Programme Dates:

  • April 27th       Autumn One-day Wonder
  • July 11-15       Winter Wonder
  • October 3-7    Spring Break holiday programme

2023 School Holiday Programme Dates:

  • 12-14 April    Autumn Wonder
  • 10-13 July     Winter Wonder
  • No Programme in Spring School Holidays 2023. The Orchard Church is running a programme.