“Wherever you go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you. And never forget that I am with you every day, even to the completion of this age.” ~ Jesus

Te Puke Baptist Church has been in existence for over 50 years now and has held the Gospel of God’s love for His creation as being central to why we exist. Key to this is ‘mission’, that is the presenting of the Gospel to any who have not heard or accepted it.

We are committed to overseas mission and over the years we have had many leave our shores to spread the Gospel in many difference countries. We also financially support different missionaries who serve around the world. Our Church budget has a generous allocation for our key mission team, known as Global Impact, to financially support people and couples who are living to share the Gospel.

Please pray that these great couples serve God and their nation well, and that they see fruit and souls for their labour

Those we support include;

Phil and Jill Tait
in Papua New Guinea

The Taits are based in the PNG capital Port Moresby, and work at the Christian Leader’s Training College (CLTC). Their mission sending organization is the SIM. CLTC has a small campus with about 30 students from PNG. The main campus in Jiwaka province has about 200 students from certificate studies up to Masters degrees. They provide training in pastoral leadership and community transformation. An emphasis of the College is having a Biblical approach that is contextual and holistic.

The main campus has a 400 acre farm with poultry, rice, beef, and oranges, which historically has provided 50 to 60 percent of income for the Training College. Student fees contribute 20 to 25 percent of income. The main income earner has been poultry, but this suffered from difficulties from feed supply last year and is currently working hard to retain profitability in the post COVID time

Phil’s role in this is to support the administration side of CLTC, while also providing some lectures for the students. Jill is actively helping with the dental needs of the remote people there

The Smiths

 in South East Asia

The Smiths have 3 children, and 3 grandchildren.

Presently they oversee 14 different people who are involved in various ministries over several parts of the country they serve. Other aspects of their roles include teaching English, technology, sport and local church ministry.

They first went to the field at the end of 2019 and returned home for a year during the COVID outbreak. They have been back, serving Christ in their country, since the middle of 2022.

Te Puke Baptist commit to pray for their ministry, as well as offering financial support. We think these two are awesome and are doing a great job.

(Picture and country of service are not provided for security reasons)

Mike & Sally, Reggie & Tanya and their families

in ‘Chilliland’

Te Puke Baptist Church has had a long association with a particular people group on South East Asia. Due to security concerns we do not identify the people or the nation or area. We have labelled it ‘Chilliland’, but don’t look it up on your phone!

The work in Chilliland first started under the efforts of a Kiwi nurse called ‘Del’ (not her real name). Del journeyed to Chilliland and first reached into the villages with her health and hygiene teaching for mothers with new born babies. She wanted to show the love of Jesus into the lives of the suppressed and hopeless. Forming teams, she also worked together with a small group of believers in their area who have established a regular praise and worship time in their own cultural style, to grow and thrive.

Sally was the first believer who at 14 gave her heart to the Lord, after being brought up in a strict Muslim environment. She joined Del in her quest to reach out to the villagers approximately 20 years ago. Sally is now married to Mike and they have 4 children.

Mike and Sally are involved in continuing to reach out to the local community as well as the villages where another local couple; Reggie and Tanya are involved with visiting villages and showing the love of Jesus. They live in a different part of the island. They work with and worship with a different group of believers and reach out to their local community cooking lessons and other ways.

Tanya joined Del and Sally a few years later in all their outreach adventures. Tanya was a solo mum until she met Reggie a few years ago and they married. Reggie owned a piece of land in the north of the island and he and Tanya believe God has called them to reach out to the people in that area who are devout Muslims. They are working towards and looking forward to moving to and reaching out in that area.

Te Puke Baptist Church has sent many short term mission teams to Chilliland over the years to support the work that Del has established. These trips have been great to allow our people to meet and support the locals any way possible. Short term mission trips are just awesome!

Del is now retired and living in New Zealand after many years of sowing seeds. She has now given Mike and Sally and Reggie and Tanya the joy of continuing Gods work on the island and trusts God in these two indigenous couples to build on her vision by bringing in the harvest. She is in touch with them weekly to mentor and encourage them in their endeavours.

Brian and Joan Finlay

In New Zealand

Brian and Joan have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators and it’s sister organisation SIL for many years. They are passionate about ensuring that people can read God’s Word in the language they understand best.
Joan first went to Vanuatu as a translator in 1982. After Brian and Joan got married they served at the SIL Field Training course in Papua New Guinea for three years, then moved to Darwin to the SIL training centre there. Joan continued to use her skills in linguistics to train new translators and Brian used his building skills in centre maintenance and building projects. They moved to the Wycliffe centre just out of Melbourne in 2002 where Joan continued training new translators and Brian was again involved in building and maintenance work, both on the Wycliffe centre and at a nearby Bible College and a Christian school.
Since returning to New Zealand in 2022, they have joined the Wycliffe New Zealand team. Joan now works in the Member Care and Personnel department, predominantly interacting with new and prospective members as they discern the Lord’s leading into mission. Brian is keen to help other Wycliffe members living in New Zealand with they home maintenance needs. These roles allw them to live in Te Puke and work remotely with trips to the Auckland office and around the country as the need arises.